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Limitless EV Wins Technology & Innovations Award

The Greater Westside Board of Trade has presented Limitless EV with the Technology & Innovations Award ⚡️

Limitless EV Wins Greater Westside Board of Trade Technology and Innovations Award

What an honour! 🙏

To be chosen as winner for the Greater Westside Board of Trade Key Business Award, in the category of Technology & Innovation is a huge honour for Limitless EV and also a milestone of how far we have come.

We are extremely proud of our roots in West Kelowna and to even be considered for such an accolade in the place where we live, work and play is something that means a great deal to us all.

We’d like to thank the Greater Westside Board of Trade and the committee for considering us and recognizing the hard work we put in to try and add to this amazing place we call home.

This wouldn’t have been possible without each member of Limitless EV that makes us feel more like a family than a company.

We are so fortunate to have such amazing people working with us, who all bring different skills and just as importantly different personalities to work each day. This creates the special atmosphere that helps us push forward and break boundaries in our field.

We pride ourselves on being unique but also the best at what we do – proving time and time again what many told us was impossible, whether that be helping companies transition to a fully electric fleet, creating charging solutions so their employees can bring their EVs to work, or even to attract new trade in the form of EV drivers.

The business relationships we have formed along the way are a testament to the skill and dedication of our team, bringing new technologies to the Okanagan and beyond, in a way that people can be excited about and most importantly enjoy!

Our work has only just begun and I hope you can all join us in continuing to make the Westside a force in business, prosperity and an awesome place to call home.

– Limitless EV ⚡️