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Electric Vehicle Buying Consultation

Limitless EV Electric Vehicle Buying Consulation Can Help You Choose The Best Vehicle For Your Budget And Needs!

We Want To Help You Find The Perfect EV!

Limitless EV Electric Vehicle Buying Guide Consultation In Kelowna

Limitless EV knows that purchasing an electric vehicle can be a daunting process and we’re here to help! With our extensive experience in the industry, we are passing our knowledge on to you to help you make the most informed decision possible.

From things like range, features, size, and price, there are many factors that play a role in deciding what electric vehicle you may consider purchasing.

Limitless EV can not only help you make an informed decision regarding your electric vehicle selection, but also pin-point where that model of EV is currently available with our extensive experience in the industry and local dealership partnerships.

We can put you in touch with our extensive dealer network to arrange vehicle viewings, receive specific make/model information packs, and even schedule test drives.
We can also explain which you rebates are applicable for your chosen vehicle, so you have to best possible picture before travelling to a dealership.
Our goal is to help make the transition to an electric vehicle as easy and informative as possible.
Whether you’re making the switch due to rising fuel prices, to help create a greener future for your grandchildren, or because you love the idea of the performance many EVs offer, Limitless EV is here to help every step of the way whatever reason you may have!
Getting you the best deal: saving you time and money is our aim – to help your EV journey get off to the best possible start!

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Also, included in the service is a $100 voucher towards a Home EV Charger installation, should you purchase your new EV through our referral programme.

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Limitless EV Electric Vehicle Buying Consultation Guide Kelowna

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