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EV Charger Home Installation Kelowna

Home EV Charger Installation & Sales In Kelowna

Limitless EV can provide an electric vehicle charging solution that suits your needs/circumstances by:

– Determining the capabilities of your existing electrical system
– Performing detailed load calculation
– Choosing correct/most suitable charger location
– Selecting the EV Charger that best suits intended vehicle(s)
– Offering full manufacturer warranty; Limitless EV has certified installers for all brands we sell!
– Applying the relevant rebates to minimize costs
– Providing peace of mind knowing your EV Charger Installation was completed by industry experts
– Access to special pricing for customers of our dealership partners!

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Home EV Charger Maintenance in Kelowna

We're Warranty Approved & Trusted

Keeping you fully charged by:

– Having access to 24/7 driver support
– Using only UL listed products for safety
– ENERGY STAR certified for efficiency
– 3-year warranty to protect your EV investment
– Access to 24/7 phone support

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